How To Choose The Right Dog For Your Lifestyle

How to choose the right dog for my personality | Lifestyle

There are so many considerations when bringing a new dog into your house. As a responsible dog owner, before choosing a dog you need to consider variables and options because your dog is depending on you and if you choose a wrong pet/dog for your lifestyle and family, it will be a big problem.

How to choose the right dog for my lifestyle

Before making a decision you should consider the following things

7 Steps To Choose Right Dog For Your Lifestyle

1, Are you looking for a puppy or older dog?

Everyone love puppies, but the reality is a puppy’s needs may not be the best match for you at this time for your lifestyle. You need to teach puppy from basic manners to potty training. Dogs daycare can help with this socializing and giving your puppy an outlet for energy, but the problem is they still take plenty of time and patience.

Many of the older dogs already have their manners, basics, trained and are happy to relax by your feet. Do you have an active lifestyle ? Are you home much / do you work long hours in your office? Anyway your lifestyle plays a big role in choosing the right dog for you.

2, Temperament

While selecting puppy or older dog is one factor, another important consideration is temperament. What breed is popular for? Border collies are great dogs when you have a lot of work to do for them. Their natural instincts are for herding and they will herd people instead of sheep and even small children.
Take your family to the shelter, rescue or breeder to interact with your potential family members before bringing the dog home and make sure their temperament works well with your lifestyle.

3, Care and Training

Every dogs requires a certain amount of time for care some a great breeds need more than others. Anyway question yourself before choosing a particular dog.  Do I have the time and patience to walk your dog 5 to10 times a day?  Can i provide the best quality dog food? Can i provide medical assistance or emergency veterinarian care? Do i have capability to train my dog some dogs need more attention and training. It will take lot of time and patience, so before selecting a dog you should aware, what i can do for my dog.

4, Size

Size on the main factor for choosing a right dog for your lifestyle. Some dog breeds may reach the size of a small cow and the dog exceed 125 pounds, some other dog breeds will remain under 10 pounds. Most of the breeds needs to many exercise to avoid misbehaving. Also consider your current living situations like family size, living place and your neighborhood.

5, Cost 

Cost also a main factor for selecting a dog,
After the initial cost of adoption fees or buying cost you will need to invest a great amount of money for your dog caring it's include food, veterinarian cost, training cost, accessories cost etc. Some companies need  obedience certificate for cover pet under the house owner policy, so you need to invest some money in your dog care, select right dog based on your income.

6, Other Pets

If you have other dogs at home already, how do you think your current pets adjust the new dog? It will take some time to settle down those things

7, Lifespan

Some of the dog breeds only live 6 to 7 years while other dog breeds have been known to live more than 18 years. Remember that you are that dogs owner and your dog need daily care for its entire life. it's a factor to consider your dog is how long they will be a part of your family.  The hardest part of a dog owner is in the final days of your dogs life. And one more thing the rescue dog's actual age may not be known, it will make you little more difficult to choose the right dog

Anyway follow those steps to choose the right dog for your lifestyle and family

Procedures for Adopting a dog

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