8 Ways Your Dog Shows Love

8 Ways Dog Show Affection

As a dog owner, We love our dog. we know how to express our love to your pet, the question is have you ever wonder how your dogs try to show us they care?
Dogs and other animals may not talk but dogs are great communicators and they are constantly shows their love and loyalty. Dogs show their affection in some different ways.

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8 Ways Dog Shows Love

1, Tail Wagging

Everyone knows the dog's wagging tail as a sign of their happiness, but it's only a part of the truth. A dog's tail communicates many different kinds of emotions, it's including happiness, tension, or fear, When your dog is really happy, he will wag her tail with her whole butt and his tail will sweep bag and forth in a friendly way, or in circles.

2, Licking Your Face

When a dog licks people's faces, there are few reasons, but in many cases, it's a sign or symbol of love and affection.
If the puppy licks on mom's face it's means puppy is hungry.
Dogs may also lick you in a different way, to let you know that it is not a threat.

3, Looks You In The Eye

For many dogs, eye contact is a very intimate act, as it demonstrates love and faith. Their brain releases oxytocin when the dog looks at you in the eye, which is the same hormone that makes a new mother bond with her infant. Oxytocin release gives you both a good feeling when showing confidence and reinforcing your bond.

4, Leaning On You

When your dog is feeling worried, nervous or your dog wants something, maybe he is just looking for some extra security and comfort, they might lean against you. Your puppy leans into you as a source of satisfaction and affection or to protect you from any danger they feel. Whatever the reason, leaning against you makes your puppy or dog feel safe and secure and it's one of the ways they show that they love you.

5, Sleeping Next To You

It's one of the affection when your dog Love's you very much Since you are your dog's best friend, its the only natural that he/she expects to be able to hop up on the bed and sleep up against you.

6, Following You Around

If your dog seems to be shadowing you everywhere you go, its social nature just takes hold. Human beings are social beings, too, but we have a stronger inclination towards a balance between our social lives and some solitude in peace and quiet. It doesn't really happen to your dog to look for alone time.

7, Jumps On You

It's one of affection they show, many pet parents see jumping up as bad behavior, to your dog or puppy, it is a way of showing love and attention. Dogs are drawn to human faces and by jumping up on you it is a way to get closer to give you a greeting lick. Jumping can clearly be a frustrating habit or behavior, so its taking time to train your puppy to know when enough is enough is a great way to let them shows their love or affection without being annoying

8, Brings You There Toys

Anyway, you are probably aware of how selfish your puppy is with their toys. So when they bring you their most prized possessions, that is their way of saying you you are precious, "Sharing is caring"

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