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Afghan Hound Dog is also known as Tazy, and origin is Afghanistan.
Afghan Hound is one of the most fashionable and royal dog breeds in the world. Also known as the King of Sight Hounds, this majestic breed is likewise considered one of the oldest breeds in the World. As its call suggests, an Afghan Hound hails from the mountainous place of Afghanistan in which it changed into initially named Tazi Spay and its foundation is believed thus far returned to the pre- Christian era. Legend has it that an Afghan Hound was one the puppies that was rescued in Noah’s Arc. Paintings and work of art of AFghan Hounds have been discovered in ancient Afghan Caves which depict them hunting in the ancient times. Aristocratically beautiful, Afghan Hounds had been originally used as hunting puppies inside the barren region and mountainous region of Afghanistan in which they may run and cover super distances and keep off their prey until their handler would capture up. Today, Afghan Hounds are inside the league of costly pets especially within the US and Europe. If you are planning to get an Afghan Hound as a pet, you would want to be certain of the bodily and temperamental attributes of this royal breed

Afghan Hounds or Tazi are sight hounds and hunt by way of the sight and speed as opposed to sound and endurance. Since they are a part of the sighthound family, Afghan Hounds are blessed with a vision angle of 270 degrees unlike other dogs who may only have a angle of vision is 180 degrees. The main cause for this benefit is the dolichocephalic cranium that a Afghan Hound has, which facilitates them to attain this 270 degrees vision, it's far three times in duration when as compared to its width which aids them in chasing their prey without losing out of its eye sight.

Pros of Afghan Hound

Afghan Hounds is the most fashionable and royal dog

Afghan Hounds is suitable for all whether conditions, that means breed is suitable for any country

Cons of Afghan Hounds

Afghan Hounds Grooming is high so they need professional help

They are very sensitive to pain, so they need more attention and care

Afghan Hounds is little bit expressive dog

Afghan Hound

Afghan Hound
Afghan hound Weight 25-35 Kg
Afghan hound Height 30-34 Inches
Afghan Hound Shedding Negligible
Afghan Hound-Dog Size Large Breed
Guide Dog No
Under Coat Yes
Afghan hound Colour Dark Brown/Light Brown/Gold/Brindle
Puppy Price ( Estimated) 350$ to 800$
Monthly keeping cost 70$ to 100$
Playfullness Moody
Noisy Mute
Temperament with children No, Preferable to Adults
Look Handsome
Affinity to water Low
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