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How do you choose the food of your dog? Do you just find what the breeder of your dog recommended? Get any dog food that's on sale? Tell your sales clerk for his opinion? Okay, that's too bad none of these approaches make it possible to conduct a thorough analysis of dog food, or to take into account all the variables that need to be addressed in order to buy and eat the food that best suits your dog and you.

1, Buy the best food that you can afford for your dog

Good dogs food costs much more than low-quality dog food because good dog food is made with ingredients of better quality which cost more than ingredients of poor quality. That being said, the most expensive food is not necessarily the best nor does the price always equate with the quality of a product. There are plenty of low-quality foods priced at good-food prices, while some companies spend a lot on promotions and advertisment.
Each of the price level has bad, better, good and best quality foods. You should have an idea of how much you are willing to spend for your dog and check out the best food you can find at the price that you can buy.

2, Always look at the AAFCO statement on your dog food labels

Many diets  are designed to meet only the nutritional needs of adult dogs. If you are feeding a puppy, a high-performance athlete dog, a pregnant or nursing woman, a dog that needs to overeat, or a disabled dog, you can look for a food that is developed for dogs' of all stages of life. Products branded with that statement will meet the higher nutrient requirements of puppies and pregnant or nursing mothers

3, Don't Choose the same dog food and same company product

Most businesses use the same pre-mix of vitamins / minerals in each of their products. This means the nutrient levels in all the foods in the company's product line are likely to have very similar levels of nutrients. When you feed the same food for months or years on end, your dog can develop problems caused by nutritional deficiencies or excesses.

4, Check the Fat Level & Protein Level of dog food 

The minimum protein and fat levels which are guaranteed to be present in the food are listed on the label in the "Guaranteed Analysis" (GA) portion. By moving your dog's food to a new one, you should be mindful of how much protein and fat the old food contains, and how much the new food contains. If the new food contains much more fat than the old dog food , the amount you feed your dog would definitely need to be will.

5, Some dog food ingredients are allergic

When, through your own feeding trials of various products, you have established that your dog is reacting badly to certain ingredients, you can read the list of ingredients for each product you buy to ensure that the problem ingredient is not present in the product. Do not count on the fact that the ingredient was not present in the last bag of the same product; the food manufacturers occasionally change their formulas

Don't buy dog food that are included those ingredients

Generic fat sources dog food

Meat by products dog food

Added Sweeteners dog food

Artificial colour and flavor dog food

Meat bone flavour

Buy dog food that are included those ingredients

Lots of animal protein included foods 

If meat named on first ingredients 

Fresh unprocessed food ingredients (fruits, carbohydrate sources like potatoes

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