Dog Dry Mouth Causes and Treatment

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If you ever had a dry mouth situation, then you know how uncomfortable it is. Sadly, your dog can get dry mouth too, and it can lead to more serious problems down the line and it can be a sign of more serious current health problems of your dog.

Dog Dry Mouth Solution

Dry mouth is a condition in which saliva loses its protective properties and contributes to an overgrowth of odor-causing bacteria and the plaque formation, as well as an increase in the risk of periodontal infection.

Although diseases such as diabetes can lead to dry mouth in dogs (pets), medications are the most common cause. Furthermore, it is known that medications increase the risk of complications due to dry mouth by 40%. This side effect is very far-reaching. Allergy drugs, anxiety, dog urinary incontinence, dog osteoarthritis pain, dog heart conditions, dog high blood pressure and more can all contribute to dry mouth.

Anyway Dog dry mouth is always a red flg (dry mouth more than 40%), so your dog needs medical attention.

Veterinary Experts says that you don’t need to wait until this becomes an problem to protect your dog's health. Prevention is the best medicine in this world.
To finding the cause of your dog dry mouth, your vet doctor likely will review all your dog medical history and all medications taking, and examine your dog mouth.

Causes Of Dog Dry Mouth

1, Reaction to medication

2, Immune Mediated Discords

3,  Dehydration

4, Nerve Damage

5, Cancer

If you notice your dog producing less saliva then you should start with getting him to drink more water then checking for dog dehydration. If your dog dry mouth continues. You should contact your veterinary doctor because dry mouth is indicates dog health problems.

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