Dog Separation Anxiety Signs and Solution

Separation Anxiety In Dogs

Dog Separation anxiety is a disturbing behavioral problem that can weaken the relationship between the dog and the dog owner, cause difficulties with neighbors and landlords, and it put stress on both the dog and dog owner. The condition triggers signs of anxiety that usually occur when the owner leaves the house so your dog is alone at that time, but the symptoms may also occur when access to the owner is denied even when he or she is at home.

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Separation Anxiety In Dogs Symptoms

Separation anxiety in dog behavior problems that indicates through the symptoms like always barking, destroying items in the house scratching the home walls, floors, and trying to escape from the crate, etc.

Dealing with extreme separation anxiety dogs may require help from a veterinary behaviorist or a professional dog trainer for a dog anxiety disorder or behavior change. But in some cases, the anxiety behavior change drugs may be required.

Cause of Dog Anxiety

There are 3 type of dog anxiety cause

1, Fear Anxiety
2, Separation Anxiety
3, Aging Anxiety

How to deal a Separation Anxiety Dog | Solution | Treatment | Medication

Dog Owners should reward their dogs for calm ( Give small amount of food ). Encourage the dog to settle on a dog bed and also provide their favorite food treat or provide toy for your dog only when your dog is quiet. Anxious behavior should not be rewarded when it happens on an owner return to the home. When you leave the home you need to provide some toys for playing it will avoid the dog Separation problem.

If the dog owner leave home for a long time you should placing the dog in a dog day care center or having a family member or your friend look after the pet.

When the dog need to be left alone in home, the dog owners will depart with as small drama as possible. Avoid long goodbyes to your dog, dogs are intelligent so they will know you are leaving home so avoid long goodbyes. And give the dog a treat or a toy as a diversion only a few moments before leaving home. Toys, food, puzzles are helpful for this reason. Leave without any spoken farewell to your dog. It will solve the anxiety behavioural problem.

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