Dogs First Aid Kit

How to Make a Dog First Aid kit

The Dog/Puppy First Aid Kit is an essential item for the responsible dog owner to be kept handy. when emergency assistance is required for your dog. So you should prepare or buy a first aid kit for your dog.

How to make a dog first aid kit, what are the items Include in the dog first aid

Must Include Paperwork's
Phone numbers for your veterinarian doctor and nearby emergency veterinary clinics/hospital, also keep a copy of medical records of your dog, including rabies and other vaccines details, and a recent photo of your dog, in case your gets lost.

Your First Kit Should Contain

1, Cotton balls 

2, Adhesive tape

To securing gauze or nonstick bandages.

3, Scissors with the blunt end

4, Absorbent gauze pads 

For Wrapping wounds and muzzling injured dogs

5, Small flashlight

6, Oral syringe

7, Disposable gloves

8, Milk of Magnesia 

For Treating an dog for poison

9, Three percentage of hydrogen peroxide

For induce vomiting (You should ask this about your vet)

10, OTC antibiotic ointment

OTC topical antibiotics first aid used to help prevent infection from minor abrasions, wounds, and burns.

11, Towels

12, Ice Packs

To cool burned skin

13, Styptic powder

Styptic Powder for dogs is a veterinarian formulated to instantly stop bleeding. This powder can be used for small cuts 

14, Saline eye solution

This eyedrop is specifically prescribed for dogs eye problems.

15, Fur-friendly vet wrap

Leg bandage for dogs.

If you really care for your dog you must Carry this first aid items in your medic kit.
Most of the people don't know the first aid kit for dogs, This topic items are prescribed from our vet team. Still you have any questions feel free to contact us or comment here our expert team will assist you .

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