Ear Mites in Dogs | Treatment

Ear Mites in Dogs | Symptoms and Remedies.

Have you found that your dog is scratching and shaking his head more than usual? The culprit may be an almost invisible bug that induces discomfort and makes your beloved pet companion extremely uncomfortable. Sadly, the dog's ear mites are a common thing in the canine world. Figure out what to do when your dog is selected as their host.
Some times this problem will make your dog very angry. 

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What are the Ear Mites of dog?

The Ear mites are insects similar to ticks that living inside of the ear canal but also can be found on the skin. Barely visible to the naked eye, they can only survive for a very limited period without a host to live on, which makes them extremely eager to find a welcoming dog. This means that ear mites are extremely contagious, hopping from a dog to a dog in no time. So your dog must need medical attention otherwise it will spread to other pets.

Symptoms of ear mites in dogs?

Symptoms of ear mites in dog include

* Head shaking

* Skin lesions around the ear

* Ear scratching

* Dark discharge from the affected ear

What are the treatments for ear mite in dogs?

The doctor should begin by cleaning the ears of the dog, to stop the mites. Treatment typically includes daily topical anti-parasite medicines that need to be regularly applied for a few weeks. But you can also recommend single-dose medications, your veterinarian will prescribe the best treatment for your dog with ear mites.
To avoid this you should clean your dog's bedding regularly.

How long it takes to get rid of ear mites?

Usually three to four weeks.

Is that spread to humans? 
The answer is no. 

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