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The Pekingese origin existence to the Lamaist form of Buddhism in China. They also known as "Pekes short" actually it's a name of Chinese city, and Pekingese also called "Lino Dog", "Peking Palasthund".

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Pekingese is a small dog with a pear-shaped body, heavy forequarters and lighter hindquarters, slightly longer than average. The dog's image is like a lion and suggests bravery, boldness, and self-esteem rather than grace, tenderness, or delicacy. The gait is dignified and hasty, with a slight roll arising from the wider, heavier forequarters. The undercoat is quite dense, and the outer coat is long, rugged, straight, and standing, forming a mane around the shoulders. The Beijing looks suggest the Chinese origins of the breed in a lion-like appearance, bold and straightforward character, and distinctive voice.

Fun Fact - The "Lion Dog" has an ego that's bigger than he is

Pekingese dog breed can be adapt to any home. When they are introduced up with children from puppyhood, they are normally very fond of them. Pekingese who're used to living with adults only may not find small children to be their cup of tea unless they are exposed to them at an early age and encounter them frequently. It may goes without saying that children must treat the Pekingese respectfully.

Pekingese Dog Pros

Pekingese breed is a perfect dog for families
Very good looking and handsome dog

Pekingese Dog Cons

It's very hard to train pekingese dogs
Grooming need lot of time & energy
Pekingese not good with children they can bite them

Pekingese Dog

Pekingese Breed
Pekingese Weight 3-6 Kg
Pekingese Height 9-13 Inches
Pekingese Shedding Negligible
Pekingese Dog Size Small Breed
Guide Dog No
Pekingese Life Span 12 to 15 Year's
Under Coat Yes
Colour Apricot/Cream/White
Pekingese Puppy Price ( Estimated) 200$ to 350$
Monthly keeping cost 20$ to 60$
Playfullness Moody
Noisy Mute
Temperament with children No, Preferable to Adults
Look Handsome, Very cute
Affinity to water Low

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