Puppy Vaccination Schedule

Puppy Shots And When To Get Them

You were likely receiving a series of vaccinations when you were a child designed to protect you from diseases like polio, mumps, and measles. Because of widespread vaccination, these diseases are rare today.

Similarly, the vaccines are now preventing many diseases that were once common in puppies. Initially, parvovirus and canine distemper viruses were highly contagious and fatal diseases.

Puppies First Shot Time

All Puppies require their first vaccinations or shot at 6 to 8 weeks old. Whether you adopt a puppy or buy one puppy, make sure you to get all the medical records of your puppy. 
Most country/state requires that all dogs must be vaccinated against the rabies. Be sure to keep proof of your dog's shots are up to date.

Time to vaccinate a puppy

Those vaccines are only effected once your puppy has weaned.

Your puppies must be immunized against distemper, parvovirus, hepatitis, and rabies

Puppy Vaccination Schedule 

Puppies get most of their vaccinations every 2 to 4 weeks until they are at least fourteen weeks old.

What if my puppy exceeds 16 weeks older?
If you forget to vaccinate your puppy, you should contact your veterinarian.

DHLPPC Vaccination

DHLPPC First Vaccination for Your Puppy
6 to 8 weeks

DHLPPC Second Vaccination In
9 to 11 weeks

DHLPPC Third Vaccination In
12 to 14 weeks

DHLPPC Fourth Vaccination In
16 to 17 weeks

DHLPPC Booster Shots In
12 months

Bordetella Vaccination for Your Puppy

Bordetella First vaccination In
14 weeks

Bordetella Booster Shot In
6 Months 

Rabies Vaccination For Your Puppy

Rabies First Vaccination In
16 weeks ( Depends on state rule)

Rabies Booster Shots In
12 to 36 months

Giardia Vaccination For Your Puppy

Giardia First vaccination In
14 weeks

Giardia Second vaccination In
17 weeks

Giardia Booster Shot In
12 Months

Lyme Vaccination For Your Puppy

Lyme First vaccination In
14 weeks

Lyme Second vaccination In
17 weeks

Lyme Booster Shot In
12 Months

Before giving those vaccination you need to contact your vet.
Those information is provided by a Global vet expert.

If you have any questions or Enquires please comment below or contact us. Our expert team will assist you.

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