Senior Dog Health Problems

Common Diseases In Senior Dogs

A senior dogs can live a happy and healthy life. However, as our canine companions aged, we are sure to notice some changes in their health. Owners tend to observe overall slowing down, lower endurance while exercising, reduced agility and sometimes changes in their behavior. Some dogs are becoming less enthusiastic about toys and food. Your Dogs may appear confused or less responsive.
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Common Health Problems In Senior Dogs

1, Dental Diseases in dogs

2, Blindness in dogs

3, Growth and Tumors in Dogs

4, Obesity

5, Kidney Disease in dogs

6, Cancer in dogs

7, Deafness

1, Dental Diseases In Dogs

Dental Diseases is one of the most commonly diagnosed conditions in dogs is that dental illness occurs in all dog breeds and sizes. Parodontal disease that is left untreated can lead to pain, tooth loss and bloodstream bacteria that can be damage internal organs your dog.

2, Blindness In Dog

There is a gradual loss of vision in many older / age dogs. This is usually caused by degenerative eye changes but can be caused by an eye disease such as cataracts. If you think your dog is blind, make sure to contact your veterinarian. When blindness is merely because of old age nothing can be done to cure it. Anyway if your dog's sudden blindness will contact your doctor.

3, Growth And Tumors In Dog

Some older dogs tend to get different kinds of lumps and bumps. A veterinarian should test for these to rule out cancer. Most growths are, fortunately, benign wart and fatty tumors. If any health issues in your dog please contact your veterinarian.

4, Obesity

Your overweight dogs that following a vet approved weight loss plan with little or no progress that suffer from hypothyroidism, It's a common condition in all dogs that results in slow metabolism. Thankfully, hypothyroidism can be treated with a simple blood test and reacts easily to medications.

5, Kidney Diseases In Dog

Early symptoms of kidney disease in dogs include increased water intake and increased production of urine. Clinical symptoms of more severe kidney failure include loss of appetite, losing weight, exhaustion, vomiting, and very weak breathing. Occasionally, ulcers can be found in the mouth.
If these symptoms in your dog you should contact your vet immediately.

6, Cancer In Dog

Unfortunately, dogs are many of the same cancers seen in humans. Like Bone cancer, melanoma, and lymphoma, etc..
The only solution is early detection and diagnosis is the only way to surviving dog cancer.

7, Deafness

Deafness is common for aged dogs to lose their hearing gradually. Unfortunately, there's no treatment.

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