Why Dog Bury Things

Why Dog Bury Things Like Toys, Bones or Food?

Have you ever thought about why your dog hide things? Here is the answer.

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Digging and hiding their food for later use is an inherent behavior in all dog breeds.
It's a way of life in the animals, they have to keep their booty protected from other animals or dogs once they hunt for food. To capture prey for food obviously requires both time and energy. The residual residues also have to be stored for later consumption. Now a dog buries its food to prevent other animals from eating the food. The burying act has two benefits, it preserves the food both from pests and from rotting. When the meat or bones are buried beneath the earth, this cuts off the sunlight while preserving the food's freshness. It also adds some tasty and natural flavors to the food to preserve the kill in the soil.

Your dog or puppy has no competitors and is constantly nicely fed, its still need to hide its tasty bone for future use. It may discover a secure spot in your garden to hide its toys too. It could truly hide them underneath a pile of dry leaves and dirt. Pets are frequently pampered with quite a few dog treats and an abundance of toys. They have a tendency to to respond to all this excess via saving or hiding some matters to be used and enjoyed later on.

Sometimes It’s a game for dogs.
If your canine is bored, lonely, alone, or genuinely wants to get your attention, it’s now not uncommon for them to bury things to get you to play with them. Often, those stolen items may be shiny things like earrings or watches, or objects they understand are valuable to you, like shoes/TV remotes.

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