Why Dog Licks Your Face

Why Dog Licks My Face ?

Have you ever thought about why your dog licks/kisses your face?
Do you want to know the reason behind it? Then you are in the right place.

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There are too many reasons behind the licking of the face, the first one is that licking the owner's face is a behavior that means that the connection is so deep between you and your dog that he likes you. Dogs sometimes do this to greet their owner. Another reason behind the licking of your face is that dog's like the salty taste of human skin, but sometimes it's because of your dog is hunger, when your dog needs some food, and when it's time to eat, it's going to lick you. The most important reason is that dogs enjoy your company, your dog loves being around you, licking your face is a way of showing you the love, so stop your dog.

Dog licking faces or any other body parts may also occur as part of grooming. Your dog may lick the face of your canine housemate and your face or other parts on your body. If your dog can not reach your face, it may lick the nearest part of your body, which may be your hand or leg. In some cases, licking behavior may be taken as a sign of love.

Can I allow my dog to lick my face?

Dog licking is not a health risk to intact skin for healthy children and adults. However, allowing your dog to lick out an open wound on your skin is not healthy. Their saliva may keep the wound moist and open, allowing bacteria to flourish, leading to a potential skin infection.

Is Dog Face Licking is a Health Risk?

For healthy children's and adults, dog saliva is not a health risk for intact skin. It is not healthy, however, to allow your dog to lick an open wound on your skin. Their saliva may continue to keep the wound moist and open and allow bacteria to thrive, leading to a potential skin infection.

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